Rafa Sánchez, has accepted the challenge "Cooking Fantasies" to create a rich and simple dish with each of our  oils. Stay tuned because here we will publish the recipes and they are going to surprise you a lot.

Our multi-talented chef, in addition to working as an engineer, he graduated in cooking at the Escuela Superior de Hostelería in Seville. That is when he began collaborating with Canal Cocina, and in 2011 he received the award for best cooking blog of Canal Cocina for Cucharón y paso atrás.

He currently has a culinary project called Konün ( in which he develops a diverse and daring cuisine, reflecting his "divided heart" (Cordovan roots with experiences in the coast of Malaga) and the traveling experience in different Asian countries.

From Konün he offers: A private chef service, based on dishes that show respect for the product through modern cuisine techniques and surprising flavors resulting from the cultures fusion.

 An exclusive catering service committed to diverse, fun and very creative dishes.  In addition to this, he offers creative cooking workshops as well as show cooking workshops at D • OLIVA Marbella.

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