D·OLIVA is the concept of a specialist retailer of the best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, endorsed by the Regulatory Boards of their Designation of Origin, and prestigious national and international award winners. We offer a line of cosmetics made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive leaf extract with vitamin A, D, E and K and natural antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals and premature skin aging, as well as a wide range of products related to and derived from the olive tree.


D·Oliva covers the demand of resident as well as non-resident customers, who demand variety, expertise and knowledge of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With the exception of gourmet shops, the presence of high-street retailers of this product is virtually non-existent. Therefore, the market's needs are not being satisfactorily met and we are starting to occupy a currently vacant market niche. Furthermore, our products, which are well presented with specially designed packaging, make up a range of healthy, irresistible gifts for residents, tourists and companies.


As a franchise, there have been no precedents in Spain, except for a single store opened in 2006 in San Sebastián by Olivier & Co, which currently has 28 own stores and 49 franchises, distributed in 14 countries.

La Chinata shops, an olive company from Cáceres, could give a misleading impression. Despite marketing olive oils and other products obtained from the olive tree, they are characterised by marketing only their own brand and a very limited selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


Tienda Doliva



• 4 years of experience and 2 of previous training.

• Strong corporate image.

• Highly specialised employees.

• Selection and Quality of products.

• Continuous development of D·OLIVA Brand products.

• Customer service in various languages.

• Decoration, setting and maximum optimisation of shop area.

• On-line shop


• Continuous increase in the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

• Constant concern for products and healthy eating habits.

• Opportunity to belong to the D·OLIVA network - recognised as the best national establishment specialising in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

• Timeless product not subject to the whims of fashion.

• Virtually non-existent competition.

Conditions of a D•OLIVA Franchise

Tiendas Doliva

If you would like to own a D•OLIVA establishment, you are an entrepreneur or self-employed and looking for a minimum investment with immediate return and excellent conditions, do not hesitate to request further information.


• No initial franchise fee*

• 1% per month for marketing and advertising

• 4% per month for royalties and administration

• Diversified product portfolio

• Diversified services:

• Physical shop

• On-line shop (in the target area)

• HORECA distribution

• Training and Tastings

• Tastings and Pairings


* Special Conditions and Advantages for the first 3 franchises.


If you are interested in receiving information about our franchise, please contact us via the form below. Additionally, you can check out our INFORMATION PACK, in order to thoroughly assess our unique concept in Spain.