Arbequina 500ml Integrated production

DO Arbequina Ecológico 500ml


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: 160 x 70,7 x 50
Weight: 550 grams

Considered the most delicately flavoured among the Spanish varieties, oil produced from the Arberquina olive is one of the most sought-after by professional chefs and consumers alike. 

Suitable for any palate, the mildest of our oils lets itself to be loved since it has a fruity taste neither piquant nor bitter.

It is perfect to prepare sauces because its taste does not interfere with other ingredients. Some believe that the Arberquina olive is ideally suited to delicate dishes such as pastries.

Integrated production is defined as the agricultural systems for obtaining vegetables that use and ensure long-term sustainable agriculture, introducing biological and chemical control methods, as well as other techniques that make compatible the demands of society, the protection of the environment and agricultural productivity. It also includes the operations carried out for the handling, packaging, transformation and labeling of plant products covered by the system.

Launch date

Saturday, 3 January 2015